Meet DeeDee


I’m DeeDee. My boob development started out medium-slow. I was an A in seventh grade, a B in eighth grade, a C in ninth and tenth, and a D throughout the rest of high school. Finally, freshman year of college, I realized I was in Double Denial and bought myself a 34DD. I’ve been that consistently since then.

I basically like my breasts. But they do pose some inconveniences. On the whole though, I feel lucky to have them and I don’t think I would even want to be just a tiny bit smaller, like a C or a D. DeeDee is who I am!



7 responses to “Meet DeeDee

  1. Hmmm, wow….nice breasts.
    Will look real nice with a small, balconette push-up 34C bra. What do u think?

  2. You have great breasts.

  3. I found your site by accident on a search page after my friends wife used my computer to look up stuff about nursing and it jumped out at me. I hope two of you (or perhaps I should say the four of you) are serious and keep this site going and maybe it will help me figure a few things out.
    For one I am wondering why it is that the women who like me the quickest always have big breasts, or breasts that are big in proportion to the rest of them.

  4. we miss you big boob blog!

  5. Inconvenient or not, they’re great boobs! :O)

  6. Would you guys consider using your god-given gifts and this website to raise money for a favorite charity?

  7. My idea is of course in the spirit of the holidays.

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