Good boob day

While most women I know look forward to their good hair days, I have to say I often enjoy when I know I am having a “good boob day.”  While I always try to wear a supportive bra, some days my breasts look better in my clothes than others.  I can’t decide which is better, a good hair day or a good boob day.  I hope for many of both in the future.



We’re sorry we haven’t written in a while

We’ll try to get better about it.

Boobs and Sex: Seventh Grade Boys Were On To Something

As all you readers know, I’m not a big fan of nipple licking, or really any nipple-focused action at all. But I’ve recently come to discover that I really enjoy just having my boobs held. I think I can lie down with my boyfriend’s hand up my shirt for hours and hours. He enjoys it too.

Who knew that something so old school could be so amazing?


Boobs and Sex: Focus on the Nipple

I’ve finally come to write about what I feel is a very important issue in the big-boobed community — the erogenousness of nipples.

Once, years ago, a guy was sucking my nipple and said, “you aren’t getting anything from this, are you?” I wasn’t. I never do. The only sensation I feel at all is mild pain. I admitted as such (minus the part about pain) and he said that he has found there to be an inverse relationship between the size of the breast and the amount of pleasure derived from having a nipple sucked. When I told him that I hadn’t realized that before, he pointedly asked, “well how many nipples have you licked?” I take it he had licked several.

Partially because he seemed to be an authority on such matters, I basically took it as fact. And, when 3D hosted a big boob bonanza a few years ago, if memory serves me correctly, five out of the six girls there said nipple sucking didn’t do much for them.

This is not to say that I don’t like to have my breasts touched, fondled, caressed, slammed against, etc., but the particular act of nipple sucking just doesn’t do anything for me. That, combined with the mild pain and the sheer awkwardness of just lying there while my partner sucks away, makes the whole thing affirmatively unpleasant.

I’d be curious to know what others (both people with nipples and people who suck nipples) think about all of this.


Dressing My Boobs

I’ve always admired those wrap-like jersey dresses women have been wearing for the past three or so years but I’ve never been able to make them fit.  My boobs just don’t fit in the space that’s meant for the boobs and my bra is completely exposed (like, completely).  A few weeks ago I saw one on sale for $20, and at 3D’s recommendation, I tried it on with camisole.  It wasn’t obscene and I figured that for $20, it was fine.

Unfortunately I wore it today and it just doesn’t look right.  You can’t see my bra or anything, but my breasts just don’t fit into their alloted space.  It stretches and pulls in all the wrong places.

Check out how my breasts get pulled to the side as the elastic band inches up:


This is very depressing.  These dresses always look so comfortable.  I hate having to miss out on fun fashion.

I guess as a consolation I could focus on the fact that I look good naked.


Creepy PSA ads

Sort of off topic for this blog but I saw this and thought I would mention it.

These are PSAs targeted at men who father children with underage girls. They photoshopped huge boobs onto the bodies of young girls to show that just because some girls may look like women, they are not, in fact, old enough to have a relationship with adults.


I much prefer seeing big boobs on actual women.  This is just creepy and gross.

Back into my boobs

For a while I wasn’t happy about my new boobs. For those of you who are new to this blog, I recently had a natural breast enhancement. No surgery required. I’m pregnant and the boob job took care of itself.

I wasn’t happy with my breasts at first. They were more than a handful (no pun intended) and required new bras and new concern that I was popping out of my regular tops and dresses.

Today however, I made peace with my extra large friends and I have to say, I’m kind of excited about them. While I always enjoyed having large boobs, I now have the kind of the porn star variety. Turns out, it can be a lot of fun. I’m enjoying admiring myself in the mirror again. I don’t know how long they’ll last but I’m looking forward to enjoying them as long as I’ve got them.