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Christina Hendricks Sighting!

Okay, it’s been a while.  I’m not going to try to come up with an excuse, or even apologize.  Time to get down to business!

My best friend saw Christina Hendricks at an event in Manhattan!!!!

She ran up to her and told her that she loves the show and that her best friend (me) was inspired to buy a bar cart for her apartment based on her character (that’s true — I wanted to be a swingin’ stylish single gal who offers gentlemen a drink when they come over).  Christina thanked her and said she was very flattered in that cute, high-pitched, Joan tone.

My friend’s assessment?


But, the rest of her is quite small.  She thinks that her hips and ass were smaller in person on the show.  I think they may be padding her actually.



Something to look forward to

I just set my Tivo to record “My Big Breasts and Me” on the BBC.  It airs December 23 and might be a perfect way for this curvy jew to spend Christmas Eve on the 24th.

I’m curious, but I wonder if there is anything to be said about big breasts that hasn’t been said by either 3D or me to one another . . .


Christina Hendricks is ratings gold

DeeDee came over today and we talked about the BBB for a bit. We both can not believe how many people find us simply by searching for Christina Hendricks. You’ll remember she was the first woman we featured in our “big boobs we like” category. It turns out, you like her a lot too.

Take a look at this photo of Christina from a GQ Mad Men photo shoot. Her boobs look absolutely stunning, don’t they?


“My Big Breasts and I”

There must be a reason we have so many readers in the UK. A reader points me to a television show in Britain called “My Big Breasts and I” which follows the lives of women with big boobs. According to the BBC, British women have the biggest breasts in Europe and the show “unearths the true and often traumatic lives of pain and misery that some young women endure due to their large breasts.”

Here’s some more info about “My Big Breasts and I”:

Britain is weighed down by the biggest breasts in Europe. The average chest size of a British teenager has grown dramatically over the past 10 years and is now a whopping 36D.

For some young women this is a cause for celebration, for others it can lead to a life of misery as they face bullying and physical pain. Thousands of teenagers – some as young as 13 – are now going under the knife in order to reduce their bust size and “fit” in.

My Big Breasts And I follows the lives of young women who have large breasts and differing attitudes towards them. Some have to go under the knife for medical reasons, as they suffer from osteoarthritis and curvature of the spine, while others undergo surgery to move down a cup size or two for emotional reasons.

The film unearths the traumatic, poignant and true stories about what it’s really like to be a young woman with enormous breasts in Britain today.

The show premiered last spring, I’m not sure how it did. It had some stiff boob competition, with other shows premiering at the same time called “Me And My Man Breasts,” “Teens Addicted To Porn” and “F*** Off I’m A Hairy Woman” among others.


Big boobs we like – Jessica Collins

The “Big boobs we like” posts seem to be pretty popular according to our WordPress stats so I thought I would throw out another one. This one is sort of nuanced though:

jc.jpg Jessica Collins isn’t too well known. The fact that “Big Shots,” the new ABC show she is on, isn’t doing well probably won’t help that. But, I bring her up because she has remarkable cleavage. I saw a few minutes of her in “Big Shots” and noticed she filled out a nightgown quite nicely.

The other reason I bring her up is because when I sat down to research her, I came across some talk on the Internets about how Ms. Collins’ wonderful cleavage might be the result of some surgical enhancement (most of the posts are too X-rated to link to on this wholesome blog).

The Big Boob Blog has not yet taken a position on boob jobs; as you can imagine, they are something DeeDee and I rarely think about. So, I’m not quite sure what to say about Ms. Collins. I just knew that when her chest graced the screen, I had to write about her one way or the other. What do you think?

This website seems to admire her a whole lot.


Big boobs we like – Sonya Walger

sonya.jpgI was watching HBO’s new show “Tell Me You Love Me” tonight and noticed that the actress who plays Carolyn, Sonya Walger, has really big boobs. They were all over tonight’s episode and they’re quite beautiful.


Big boobs we like – Christina Hendricks


DeeDee and I love the AMC show Mad Men about a 1960s ad agency in New York.

Forgetting the costumes, set design, and writing, (which is all quite good), for the purpose of this blog we’d like to call your attention to the character Joan played by Christina Hendricks. She has great boobs and we love the way her period clothing shows off her curves.