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Lucky Boob

In many ways, my bf and I fell in love this winter and spring over the Lakers.  I hadn’t been much of a fan, but watching Laker games is something I enjoy doing with him.

During the April 11 Lakers v Hornets game, where the Hornets bounced back from a 30 point lead and almost stole the Pacific Division title from the Lakers, we discovered that if he placed his hand on my left boob when I was curled up in his lap, the Lakers scored and the Hornets missed.  Really.  Kobe is MVP because of me.

This position lasted us through the rest of the season and into the playoffs.  But, once the Lakers/Celtics series started, things got rough.

Game 1, we watched with friends.  Obviously, he wasn’t going to put his hand on my boob that night, and the Lakers lost.   Notably, the one game in the playoffs the Lakers lost to the Spurs, we also watched with the same two friends and we were forced to be boobless.

Game 2, I was across the country.  We lost.

Game 3.  Well, this is where my theory starts to break down.  I was on a plane coming home.  He was actually at the game (maybe that made up for my boob’s absence).  We won.

Game 4.  This should have been our comeback.  But, he was really really sick.  We watched together but we didn’t cuddle.  No boob action.  We all know how this game turned out.

At this point, I really don’t know if it’s even worth it to revive the boob.   And in any event, he’s still not feeling well.

I guess we have to wait until next year until my boob (and Bynum) comes back.


P.S.  NO, I am not NOT taking volunteers to hold my boob while my boyfriend is still sick.


N.Y. v. L.A.

Remember the contour bras and my befuddlement about them? Well, something else in the article caught my attention — the comments of a lingerie designer bemoaning the trend:

“My feeling is that these days, rather than someone like Janis Joplin being revered, idolized, it’s more about the shoe or the bag of the moment,” she said. “It’s about labels, names, branding. Everyone has their hair straightened, the perfect jeans, the right cellphone and accessories. It’s almost like New York is turning into L.A.; there is a lack of acceptance of natural self.” Though New York women do not appear to be embracing surgical implants with the same zeal as their sisters in the West … yet?

I lived in New York for ten years and periodically people would tell me that they couldn’t believe I was from Los Angeles and that I seemed “so” New York. I was always kind of insulted by that comment, thinking it was code for short, unruly dark hair, a little too neurotic, maybe a bit uptight, or really, just not that hot.

But maybe they were really just talking about my boobs.