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What happened?

You know, I just realized that I never got my bras from A.W. Kaufman that I ordered by phone NEARLY ONE YEAR AGO.  Well, I didn’t “just” realize this.  I have thought about this intermittently since I ordered them but as more and more time passed, it seemed kind of weird to call back and ask what happened.  Miriam did tell me it could take “a while,” because she wasn’t sure when she was going to get the next shipment in, but, it’s been a bit more than “a while” although I guess it’s possible another order never arrived.  Or something.  I don’t really know how their ordering system works.

Anyway, I decided ten minutes ago that I couldn’t wait any longer because in the 18 months since I bought the bra, I am starting to feel some sag*, so I ordered two Conturelle Provence bras from a store called Bits of Lace.  No A.W. Kaufman discount, but free shipping and no tax.  Not too bad.

We’ll see how long it takes.


* I know that I could just get the bra altered by taking in the straps.  Someone at a lingerie store once suggested this to me.  But, my bra feels too personal to take to a tailor, although writing about my bra and what goes inside them on the internet feels just fine for some reason.


Our fantasy has become a reality

Regarding 3D’s post about the sexiness of the Fantasie bras, I really have been noticing an increased availability of sexy, supportive bras for us big-boobed gals. There is the Conturelle, and of course my Rigby & Peller, and now 3D has discovered the world of Fantasies. I wonder if there has been a recent scientific breakthrough in the physics of lingerie design?

It’s really very exciting and I decided today that I’m only going to wear the most fabulous bras. I finally ordered two more Conturelle’s from AW Kaufman, and I plan on ordering another R&P and perhaps even trying a Fantasie. No more grandma bras for me — there is just too much good stuff out there!


Conturelle Update

Last night my dad’s cousin asked me if I had lost weight in the past few months.  I haven’t really and so I said no.  He told me I looked very slim.

I really think it was the Conturelle Provence.  It does wonders.

My mom agreed.  She told me my breasts looked very pointy.

I should really call Miriam.  They’re three hours ahead and shabbat is starting soon, so I better act quick unless I want to wait until Sunday.


Thanksgiving and Conturelle Provence Bra

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? Good bras.

As I was getting ready for dinner at my aunt and uncle’s, I felt a twinge of excitement as I settled my boobs into the Conturelle Provence. I just cannot believe how supportive it is. My boobs have a lift they have not had, since, well, I was an A cup (circa 1991). And it’s pretty sexy, nothing remotely grandmotherly like it at all.

When I tried it on at A.W. Kaufman, Miriam, bra saleswoman extraordiniare, explained to me that this bra was in a different league from the Wacoals and Chantelles I had been wearing for the past few years. It certainly is in a different price league. One website prices it at between $110 and $117.

Confession: Nearly every time I slip this bra on, I run to my full length mirror in the bathroom to check myself out. Sometimes I like what I see so much, that, rather than change my shirt, I find myself picking tops that are thick enough so that the lace in the Provence doesn’t show through.

The Conturelle website is pretty bare bones, but here is another site that is selling the Provence. The bra doesn’t seem to come in DD or DDD, but instead jumps straight to E (what I wear) and F.
Hmmm, I think tomorrow I may call up Miriam and ask her to send some more my way.