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It’s Summer!

A few, er, several, weeks ago (sorry for the delay), one of our best commenters asked what us BBGs did in preparation for warmer weather.

Well, that’s a fantastic question.   Summer is tough.  Until recently, bikinis were out.  Tank tops are also tough.  Either there isn’t enough fabric to cover my breasts, or the shoulder straps are too big, or the arm holes too wide and my bra shows through.  Oh, and some tank tops, the straps are oddly aligned and don’t cover the bra straps, which is just annoying.  Do larger bras have straps that angle out more or something?

And I can’t wear spaghetti straps obviously, because the bra strap will show.  Oh, and no, that “bra” inside some tank tops is not a viable option.

Halters? Not really feasible.

I guess I should look on the positive side.  There is always Malia Mills.  And American Apparel has some solid tank top options.  And, for a black tie affair, I have this nice strapless dress that I wore to 3D’s wedding and a solid strapless bra to go with it.


Dressing My Boobs

I’ve always admired those wrap-like jersey dresses women have been wearing for the past three or so years but I’ve never been able to make them fit.  My boobs just don’t fit in the space that’s meant for the boobs and my bra is completely exposed (like, completely).  A few weeks ago I saw one on sale for $20, and at 3D’s recommendation, I tried it on with camisole.  It wasn’t obscene and I figured that for $20, it was fine.

Unfortunately I wore it today and it just doesn’t look right.  You can’t see my bra or anything, but my breasts just don’t fit into their alloted space.  It stretches and pulls in all the wrong places.

Check out how my breasts get pulled to the side as the elastic band inches up:


This is very depressing.  These dresses always look so comfortable.  I hate having to miss out on fun fashion.

I guess as a consolation I could focus on the fact that I look good naked.


Another Oops at the Office

Bras, nipples, and cleavage at work seems to be a big topic in the big boobed community.  For example, 3D wrote about nippleitis a few months back in one of her very first posts.  In fact, she wrote about it twice.  I weighed in, with a slightly different view.  Nippleitis isn’t the only problem — sometimes we choose the wrong bra.

That happened to me today.  In my hurried state this morning, I accidentally put on a very lacy bra under a very thin shirt.  It actually occurred to me that maybe I was wearing the wrong bra, but I was too rushed to check myself out in the mirror.  I didn’t realize it until I went to the bathroom before lunch, after I had a long meeting with my coworkers.

Wardrobe malfunctions are hard at work, because we aren’t amongst strangers whom we will never see again, nor are we among our friends with whom we feel comfortable. Instead, the viewers are people we respect, or should respect, or who should ideally respect us.  And the bigger the boob, the more opportunities for malfunction.

I hope when I leave my job I won’t be known as the girl who always wore the wrong bra.


Bra-Llelujah? Maybe. . .

I just read that Spanx — you know, the company that makes the slimming hosiery and underwear we all own and obsess about — will soon be expanding into bra territory.

I wonder if they’ll work for big boobed gals.  The big selling point for their bra line is that since their over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders are “the first-ever all-hosiery bras” you’ll have no visible bra lines.  The price is right at $34 but I’m concerned that they’ll only go up to a D cup.  Here’s hoping they’ll realize there’s a giant market (no pun intended) above the D ceiling.

In other Spanx related news, I loved this post about a man who decided to figure out what all the fuss is about. . .


You don’t have to burn your bra, just buy this T-shirt

I’m all for feminism but I think I would be doing a better service to the world if I kept my bra on and burned a girdle or something. Fortunately, this T-shirt allows me to compromise:


via Feministing


BBB Linkage

  • And, while we’re on the subject of nipples, has anyone ever heard of the nipple badge? They were originally designed to teach about sexual health and support the fight against breast cancer but with Halloween just one day away, they could serve as some sort of costume in a pinch (no pun intended), don’t you think? (via Buzzfeed)



Catching a glimpse

I had an exceptionally good hair day today so I thought that if anybody was looking at me at work, they would be checking out my ‘do. Instead, I caught a few people checking out my bra, more precisely the fact that you could see my bra poking out over the top of my dress. I got dressed in a rush this morning and commited the fashion faux pas of wearing a light bra under a black top. I noticed only after I had left the house that parts of the bra were noticeable and the color of the bra made them even more noticeable.

I guess I wasn’t surprised that people stared. I stare too when I see a woman who is showing a little cloth. I just can’t figure out why. Is it the idea that we are catching a glimpse of something not intended to be seen? Is it because it helps us imagine the woman naked, or at least without her outer garments on? Does it make us feel sexy? Perhaps for women it’s just a bit of schadenfreude; we like to see other women looking messy because it makes us feel better when we look neat. I’d like to think of it as just more research on bras and boobs for this blog.