Dressing My Boobs

I’ve always admired those wrap-like jersey dresses women have been wearing for the past three or so years but I’ve never been able to make them fit.  My boobs just don’t fit in the space that’s meant for the boobs and my bra is completely exposed (like, completely).  A few weeks ago I saw one on sale for $20, and at 3D’s recommendation, I tried it on with camisole.  It wasn’t obscene and I figured that for $20, it was fine.

Unfortunately I wore it today and it just doesn’t look right.  You can’t see my bra or anything, but my breasts just don’t fit into their alloted space.  It stretches and pulls in all the wrong places.

Check out how my breasts get pulled to the side as the elastic band inches up:


This is very depressing.  These dresses always look so comfortable.  I hate having to miss out on fun fashion.

I guess as a consolation I could focus on the fact that I look good naked.



2 responses to “Dressing My Boobs

  1. Speaking of looking good naked, we’re looking forward to more of the “boobs and sex” series!

  2. I love when big boobs cause a woman to wear her clothes awkwardly! I love the topside bulge of a snug bra, the gaping area between buttons, the overstretch of a clingy top. Stuff that fits properly is boring…

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