Another Oops at the Office

Bras, nipples, and cleavage at work seems to be a big topic in the big boobed community.  For example, 3D wrote about nippleitis a few months back in one of her very first posts.  In fact, she wrote about it twice.  I weighed in, with a slightly different view.  Nippleitis isn’t the only problem — sometimes we choose the wrong bra.

That happened to me today.  In my hurried state this morning, I accidentally put on a very lacy bra under a very thin shirt.  It actually occurred to me that maybe I was wearing the wrong bra, but I was too rushed to check myself out in the mirror.  I didn’t realize it until I went to the bathroom before lunch, after I had a long meeting with my coworkers.

Wardrobe malfunctions are hard at work, because we aren’t amongst strangers whom we will never see again, nor are we among our friends with whom we feel comfortable. Instead, the viewers are people we respect, or should respect, or who should ideally respect us.  And the bigger the boob, the more opportunities for malfunction.

I hope when I leave my job I won’t be known as the girl who always wore the wrong bra.



3 responses to “Another Oops at the Office

  1. What are you afraid your co-workers may have seen? Your lacy bra? Is your shirt so thin and your bra so lacy that they might have seen your nipples?

  2. So far, I only had one similar experience….a co-worker wearing a demi bra that was too low, and one of her nipples came out from the top of the cup. Very obvious even under thick clothing as her titties very large.

  3. Speaking of big boobs at work -I’ve noticed women with big boobs at work who have basically put their boobs on the table where they are sitting. It could be during lunch, or a meeting, or wherever. I’m willing to guess this is usually unintentional, but it creates quite a site! You have to be the right height, at the right chair and desk. I think it usually happens to busty, shorter women. I been out socially with women with big boobs who have done this same thing but purposefully for flirty/comedic effect. Do you ever catch yourself doing this?

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