Bras, who really cares?

Sometimes I think it’s funny how much time and effort we put into finding the greatest bra. I mentioned my trip to the wizard a little while ago and I am loving my purchases. Every time I look in the mirror I think my breasts look just perfect, particularly the part that come up just over the top of the cup. They are well supported and sexy, a great combination.

But I realized today that men probably don’t really care at all how perfect I look in my bra, they just want me to take it off, right?  DeeDee talked about this in reference to sexy bras asking whether they have a purpose.  If they don’t, why do we spend so much money and effort on them?  I guess I’m just doing it for myself.  If no one else, at least I am enjoying the view.



2 responses to “Bras, who really cares?

  1. While it’s true that we just want to get your bra off, a good bra can make a busty girl look very sexy. -Basically, it could make us really determined to get it off!

  2. I do appreciate a nice bra, but less for it’s intricacies and more for the basic structure and shape. On a recent business trip to europe I noticed that women wear lumpy / overly textured bras. It made me realize that women are much to hung up on the artistic aesthetic, whereas men are more interested in the WAY a bra holds the breasts.

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