A comment on our comments

We get a lot of comments on this blog, most of which we delete. No, we will not send you private photos of us. No, we don’t want to see private photos of you. Yes we’re a blog about boobs but we like to think we handle the matter in a smart way. We may be talking about our bodies and sex but we’re not a porn site. It’s rare that a male commenter comes along who appreciates us for what we are so we’d like to call attention to one of the ones that caught our eye. He writes:

I came across your blog due to a tag surf on “bartenders”. Honest, I swear I don’t surf on body part names ;-)

That entry was a fun read so I checked out the rest of your blog. It’s refreshing to read a blog with proper grammar and spelling. It’s a bonus when the entries are also intelligent and entertaining.

You are both intelligent and attractive people. I look forward to reading your future posts.

Thank you, cigarsmokingman, for “getting” us.



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