Another article about a big boobed gal finding her way.

I feel like I have read this article 100 times before. Or maybe it’s that I know a hundred girls like this one. Or maybe I feel connected to this article because I used to be this girl.

In a nutshell, the author has big boobs, isn’t so happy with them, and then goes and gets fitted for her correct bra size all the while agonizing over her size and lack of comfort with them. By the end of the story, she is still unsure of herself (but much better supported!), she won’t even reveal her bra size, and of course there is no picture to accompany the piece.

When I was in her position (I even went to Town Shop and Orchard Corset like she did), getting fitted for the right bras immediately raised my confidence level in my breasts, completely changing the way I felt about them. I hope that’s the epilogue to this story as well.



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