One thing I like about my breasts is that they are undeniably large.  Whether I am big-boobed or not isn’t really up for debate.  I am.

A few weeks ago I was with a guy friend at a bar and we mused at how the bartender wasn’t paying attention to us.  I joked that one would think that my breasts would attract the attention of bartenders, but in fact they rarely do.  The guy was genuinely surprised that my boobs don’t have much of an effect on male bartenders.

To be honest, I don’t really know if that’s true or not and actually, I don’t really think that bartenders ignore me any more than the next person.  I think I just wanted to call his attention to my breasts because I was hoping to hook up with him that night.  (We didn’t.  And yes, I realize that this is a bizarre way of flirting, and that if anything, I probably should have told him that my boobs DO work to my advantage, but the two of us have somewhat of a complicated dynamic that is not worth going into and whatever, that’s the path I took).   The point is, I knew this was a relatively safe comment to make because, as I said, my breasts are undeniably large.  It’s not like I’m a 34C, bragging about my huge tits.   A 34DD is big enough to joke about without sounding like I’m overreaching.

What’s even better, I’m not freakishly large.  No one points and stares and thankfully, I don’t have back problems.  And, as soon as I discovered the secret of wearing two sports bras while running, my breasts have never given me any significant physical discomfort.  I can’t do jumping jacks though, but really, who the hell cares?

So basically, I think I’m the perfect size.



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