Christina Hendricks is ratings gold

DeeDee came over today and we talked about the BBB for a bit. We both can not believe how many people find us simply by searching for Christina Hendricks. You’ll remember she was the first woman we featured in our “big boobs we like” category. It turns out, you like her a lot too.

Take a look at this photo of Christina from a GQ Mad Men photo shoot. Her boobs look absolutely stunning, don’t they?



5 responses to “Christina Hendricks is ratings gold

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  2. yeah she is sexy you are right she is stunning.

  3. I got my first glimpse of Christina in ‘Firefly’ and I’ve been entranced ever since. She also did an stint on the first season of ‘Life’ on NBC, and she show’s off her ample assets and wonderful curves there also. It is wonderful that Hollywood has found a gorgeous Full figured woman. I would love to see more of her and more like her.

  4. Those are the most unbelievable boobs I’ve seen on TV in ages!!

  5. She’s stunning but she’d still be stunning without being so… ample. I looked her up before discovering she was so fullsome (yes, believe it or not, she sometimes hides her light under a bushel); it was the hair and the face that sparked me off.

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