A fantasie come true?

I blogged about Fantasie bras a while back. I had heard a few endorsements here and there so I decided to put them to the test and ordered two from my favorite bra provider in New York.

So far, I can see why lots of women chose to live in a Fantasie world. My new bras took some getting used to (I can’t explain why exactly, they just fit differently) but now that they are a little broken in, I am really pleased to endorse them.

The first bra I tried was amazingly supportive and really delicate at the same time. I will write more about it later when I have it in front of me and can reference the style number.

The second one is the Smoothing Molded Balcony bra. At first I wasn’t so pleased, I actually thought about returning it. I wasn’t used to the way it supported me and I found the straps a bit too long. But, I took it for a trial run today and was really pleased. I actually ran to the bathroom at work twice to pull down my shirt in front of the mirror and admire how nice my cleavage looked.

I love that this bra looks like the dainty little bras small-boobed women wear but it offers the kind of support we big boobed gals need. It’s a demi cut and my breasts look absolutely amazing rising up over the top of the cups. If some stranger is going to walk in on me one day when I am wearing only my underwear, I pray that they catch me in this bra. There is something so sexy about a bra that almost feels like it’s too small. Mine is a 36E (it’s a British size) and truthfully, I think I could have gone with a 36F but this one is working for me. I ordered it in chocolate brown which is quite a delicious color.

One thing to remember if you plan on getting one yourself: this is definitely not a minimizer and it is definitely not the most supportive bra out there. In fact, I felt my boobs moving around a bit more than usual but today was a day I didn’t mind the bounce. If you just want a bra to feel sexy in and one you can wear with low-cut tops, this might just be the bra for you.



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