Thanksgiving and Conturelle Provence Bra

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? Good bras.

As I was getting ready for dinner at my aunt and uncle’s, I felt a twinge of excitement as I settled my boobs into the Conturelle Provence. I just cannot believe how supportive it is. My boobs have a lift they have not had, since, well, I was an A cup (circa 1991). And it’s pretty sexy, nothing remotely grandmotherly like it at all.

When I tried it on at A.W. Kaufman, Miriam, bra saleswoman extraordiniare, explained to me that this bra was in a different league from the Wacoals and Chantelles I had been wearing for the past few years. It certainly is in a different price league. One website prices it at between $110 and $117.

Confession: Nearly every time I slip this bra on, I run to my full length mirror in the bathroom to check myself out. Sometimes I like what I see so much, that, rather than change my shirt, I find myself picking tops that are thick enough so that the lace in the Provence doesn’t show through.

The Conturelle website is pretty bare bones, but here is another site that is selling the Provence. The bra doesn’t seem to come in DD or DDD, but instead jumps straight to E (what I wear) and F.
Hmmm, I think tomorrow I may call up Miriam and ask her to send some more my way.



2 responses to “Thanksgiving and Conturelle Provence Bra

  1. I stumbled upon your site while doing some shopping for my wife. She’s not a big girl, but she’s extra-gifted and has a very hard time finding bras that fit at all, much less, correctly. This problem doesn’t do anything good for her body-image issues. Since she HATES bra shopping and I enjoy it but lack the proper…um…testing equipment, I really appreciate the reviews you do.

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