Big boobs we like – Halle Berry

I noticed a photo of Halle Berry earlier this week at the London premiere of her new movie “Things We Lost in the Fire” (what a horribly timely title).

It looks like she decided to distract attention from her pregnant belly by giving us a magnificent view of her brand new cleavage. (Or maybe she was just trying to distract us from the anti-semitic comment she made on The Tonight Show). Either way, it worked. Check it out:


I meant to post about “Halle’s valley” (as one BBB reader cleverly put it) but just didn’t have the chance to do it until today. Clearly I was asleep at the wheel because Halle’s boobies are big news exploding all over the Internet. I apologize loyal readers for not being on top of this story!

Now for a bit of history: Halle’s has always been hot, even pre-baby boobies. Check out this video of an interviewer who was so taken with her breasts a while ago he had to interrupt the interview to acknowledge them:



One response to “Big boobs we like – Halle Berry

  1. The interviewer in that clip is Johnathan Ross, a noted boob-man — his wife Jane Goldman is stacked like no man’s business đŸ™‚

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