Breast plushies

Come on, admit it, who doesn’t like to cop a feel once in a while? The problem is, there might not always be a boob around when you want one. . .that is until now. Check out this surrogate the Japanese have come up with.


Funwari Milk-chan breast shaped plushies are adorable little breast shaped plush toys for when you feel the need to clutch at a disembodied breast. But they’re not just cute to look at, there is personality behind the plush!:

Each character has a distinct personality and background. Funwari Milk-chan (pictured above, center) is easygoing. Despite her dream of growing large, she remains small. She loves collagen, and napping is her favorite pastime. Can Milk-san (top left) is a celebrity entertainer, always aglitter. She has an American boyfriend and loves going to beauty salons. Ganguro Milk-chan (bottom left), despite being a gyaru with a pierced nipple, is mature and level-headed. She spends all her time practicing para-para dance, and she enjoys purikura. Peach Milk-chan (top right), a spider-hating fashionista who is scary when angry, is well-informed and into anything lowbrow. Milko-chan (bottom right) is still a baby — but a genius. She loves to invent things, and her pacifier apparently holds the secret to her smarts.

All that for the price of a beanie baby.

via Buzzfeed



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