Bra Fittings – A Bust-have

There are a few things I think every woman in the world should do early on in life: have your heart broken, travel alone at least once, and get fitted for a bra.

These days, you can get fitted for a bra almost anywhere you can buy a bra (thanks, Oprah!) but I would suggest a specialty shop, especially if you’ve got big boobs like DeeDee and I do. There really is no substitute to having some older, pushy, chubby lady feel you up and strap you in.

But, for those of you who like to do everything online, I found the “ultimate guide to finding your perfect bra” which has some good pointers to get you started.



One response to “Bra Fittings – A Bust-have

  1. We have so many enquiries from customers who say that they can’t get a comfortable bra. It nearly always turns out that they have just been wearing the same size for the last 10 years. And this is always the problem. Also, people don’t realise about the difference in underwires and believe that the same size in all bras and brands will fit.

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