Bra Review – Wacoal Slimline Underwire Minimizer

One of the first bras I ever got when I had my awakening and realized I was not wearing the right bra size (I promise I will eventually get to writing a post on that) was the Wacoal Slimline Underwire Minimizer (Style #85154). It’s a bra I seem to keep buying over and over again and continue to really enjoy.


The Slimline is a classic everyday bra which is probably why I wear so many of mine to shreds. It’s my go-to bra when I reach into my lingerie drawer in the morning and want something that I know will be comfortable and supportive all day long. I have a really old white one that I actually wear to the gym because I don’t have a good sports bra and it works as a substitute until I find one.

The cons of this bra are that I have only found it in three colors: white, nude, and black. Since it’s one of my favorite bras, I’d love to see it in every color. I also think that is loses support after many wears faster than my other bras do. Though, that could just be because I wear my Slimlines more than other bras so maybe I just put more mileage on them than anything else I own.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons on this bra. In addition to the support and comfort, I love the Slimline’s simplicity. Its design allows for the fabric and underwire to connect with each other beautifully. When I move, my Slimline follows me flawlessly. Even at the end of the day it’s there letting me know it’s up for the next challenge (salsa dancing? no problem!). It’s like we are navigating the day in concert with one another. It’s a great feeling.

I also like that the Slimline isn’t overly feminine, meaning you can wear it under a T-shirt without having a ton of lace or design poke through, but at the same time it still looks and feels like a sexy bra. The sides of the cup are embroidered with a floral design and a cute ribbon with a trio of pearls ties it together in the center. The straps are also wide enough to give you comfort and support but not t0o wide that you can’t wear it with a tank top.

It’s also helpful that this minimizer doesn’t cut so high at the top of the cup meaning I can wear it with most low cut shirts without my bra showing (see photos below). That’s probably one of the best things this bra has to offer. I can’t think of any other minimizers I own that go so low.


Here are two shots of me in my Slimlines, one is nude under a white high cut shirt, the other is black under a low cut black shirt:



This bra retails for about $62 dollars. I have bought it at Bloomingdale’s and Town Shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan but have found the best prices for it at A.W. Kaufmann on the Lower East Side in New York (they also do phone orders – ask for Miriam). Kaufmann’s makes you order a minimum of two if they don’t have your size in stock but if you don’t live in New York, they will mail you your bras and you don’t have to pay sales tax. The bra comes in sizes 34C – 40DDD.



One response to “Bra Review – Wacoal Slimline Underwire Minimizer

  1. NO decent sports bra? Try this…

    It works for my F cups, and that in itself is amazing. Not to mention it’s comfortable.

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