Coincidence? Or the mark of a good bra?

I wore a fairly new Chantelle bra to work today. I’ve blogged about this one before; it’s the one that set off the metal detector at a Los Angeles airport last month. I thought nothing of it when I got dressed this morning but later in the afternoon someone I work with (but don’t know very well) passed my desk and commented “3D, you look lovely today. Is this a new look for you?”

I was struck by his compliment; it caught me by surprise as I’m not used to older men in the office taking notice of what I’m wearing. Also, there was absolutely nothing new to my look. . .except for the fact that under my layers of officewear was a super supportive new piece of lingerie!

I let out a nervous laugh because I wasn’t sure what to say. He laughed (less nervously) with me and then walked off. I was left to wonder, was it my new bra or did he just like my sweater?



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