Big boobs we like – Jessica Collins

The “Big boobs we like” posts seem to be pretty popular according to our WordPress stats so I thought I would throw out another one. This one is sort of nuanced though:

jc.jpg Jessica Collins isn’t too well known. The fact that “Big Shots,” the new ABC show she is on, isn’t doing well probably won’t help that. But, I bring her up because she has remarkable cleavage. I saw a few minutes of her in “Big Shots” and noticed she filled out a nightgown quite nicely.

The other reason I bring her up is because when I sat down to research her, I came across some talk on the Internets about how Ms. Collins’ wonderful cleavage might be the result of some surgical enhancement (most of the posts are too X-rated to link to on this wholesome blog).

The Big Boob Blog has not yet taken a position on boob jobs; as you can imagine, they are something DeeDee and I rarely think about. So, I’m not quite sure what to say about Ms. Collins. I just knew that when her chest graced the screen, I had to write about her one way or the other. What do you think?

This website seems to admire her a whole lot.



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