The physics of bras

I found an article today with some interesting facts about big boobs. It tries to break down exactly what breasts are, how they evolved as part of the human body, and what kind of support they will need from bras over time.

It’s a good read and I was surprised to learn the following. Did you know that:

  • A pair of D-cup breasts weighs between 15 and 23 pounds—the equivalent of carrying around two small turkeys.
  • Breasts contain no muscles at all.
  • The first sports bra was created in 1977, (I can’t believe it took that long!!) when two American women took a pair of jockstraps, cut them apart, and sewed them back together. They dubbed their creation the Jogbra.

The article also mentioned a team of designers working on the development of a “smart bra”:

“Steele’s team is taking fabric technology another step. Six years ago, her laboratory, in collaboration with the University of Wollongong’s Intelligent Polymer Research Institute, began work on the world’s first smart bra. It uses intelligent materials and electronic textiles to sense when breast motion increases and tighten appropriate parts of the bra in response. ‘When you’re sitting around the office, it isn’t restrictive,’ Steele says. ‘But if you need to run for a bus or something, it will sense that you’ve started to run, and it will give you the support of a sports bra.'”

Doesn’t this sound just too good to be true? I definitely need to do some more research on the “smart bra.” I’ll let you know what I find.



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