After I left my state of Double Denial and came to terms with the fact that I have big boobs, I realized it was time I started shopping in the best interest of my breasts. Over time, I have learned a few tricks.

Here are two shots of me in scoop necks:


I feel like I should just call these pictures, “Tits on Display.”

Not that these tops don’t serve a purpose. The shirt on the right looks great under my favorite jacket. And sometimes I feel like showcasing my boobs.

Here I am in a V-neck (no, I’m not meditating):


My boobs look a little smaller and kind of more shapely, but I still get a bit of cleavage. I would think that the ruffle-type thing would draw attention to my breasts, but it actually contributes to the minimizing effect.

Are there any physicists out there who could explain to me the mechanics of this optical illusion?



2 responses to “V-Necks

  1. I just stumbled across your blog by chance. I think it’s pretty cool that you write about your boobies like they’re old friends. That’s nice. Boobies should be celebrated and treated like the magnificent pair they are. Keep it simple, keep it sexy, and keep out the raunch. Well done!

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