A fantasie bra

I had the following conversation over IM with a big boobed friend yesterday:

R: have you ever tried the bra company fantasie?3D: nope but i think i’ve heard of it is it good? R: my friend S. said it CHANGED HER LIFE so i want to order one 3D: can you give some more details? R: she said it was an awesome bra the one hitch is that i can’t figure out which model it was that she recommended because the model # she told me seems wrong

I realize this is not the most exciting IM conversation but I can certainly relate to the feeling of a bra changing one’s life (more on my own such feeling in another post) and I am always look for life-altering opportunities.

For someone with big boobs who likes to talk about bras a lot, I don’t think I’ve done enough research into the best bras for big boobed gals. I have found a few that work and have stuck with them. I think I should try to branch out. Maybe I’ll post reviews of my findings here.

For now, are there any Fantasie bra fans out there? Care to comment? They sure are pretty.




2 responses to “A fantasie bra

  1. Hey I just found your blog today, really interesting. I wear fantasie bras, and they are soooo nice and supportive. Their balcony bra, and their full coverage t-shirt bra is the best! Fantasie is the only bra company I wear!

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