I’m a goddess

Okay, so I have a great strapless bra. I swear I have told 3D about it. In fact, I remember bringing it along with me to a big boob convention 3D once hosted, but whatever.

The label that makes this bra is called Goddess. The reason it is great is simply because it provides an admirable amount of support. It is definitely the most supportive strapless I’ve ever come across (read: it doesn’t fall down). No, it’s not like my Rigby & Peller, but I find that it works fine. I wore it to 3D’s wedding and I don’t think I readjusted once the whole evening, even after the hora.

The method is quite simple. It has a shit load of underwire traversing my boobs. Nothing fancy. Nothing innovative. But it works.

The only downside is that it shows through thin garments so it can’t be worn with everything.

The other problem is that I bought it three years ago and have no idea if they still exist. Any of our readers wanna to some research?



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