Strapless bras

The hassles that go along with purchasing a car or a house are nothing compared to what it’s like for a big boobed gal (BBG) to go shopping for a strapless bra.

Every time I get a new shirt or dress that requires one, I have this fantasy that somewhere out there the perfect strapless bra for BBGs waits for me and we are just trying to find each other in the world. Maybe it’s just been invented or maybe it’s been hanging on some department store rack under my nose for years and today I’ll take it home with me.

So, with my hopes high, I walk into the Bloomingdale’s lingerie department, or maybe a specialty bra store, and I start hunting. The B cup-sized salesgirls at Bloomie’s are nice and try to help me connect with my bra-soul mate but ultimately, I end the day disappointed and, more often than not, a strapless bra that doesn’t really work or fit me, or perhaps supports me for about 10 minutes before giving up in frustration (or maybe protest?).

I don’t get why I can’t find one to work. Honestly, the physics can’t be that hard, right?


The latest company to try to find me a match has created the Faveo Freedom Bra shown above. This is probably the weirdest bra I have ever seen. The website claims: “We create more than new designs. We invent entirely new concepts to give women the freedom to choose what they wear – even in larger sizes.” and when talking about the Freedom bra, they claim “Finally. a backless bra available in larger sizes so that women can choose to wear backless and strapless tops and dresses. Available in C-GG cups in most back sizes.

I don’t understand how this bra works although I am intrigued by the “Faveo support theory.” It claims that “encircling a breast applying slightly less pressure to the top as compared to the bottom and sides, causes its shape to become rounded and will lift it upwards.” I’m actually more concerned with how you put this thing on then how it works. It kind of looks like a pastie but likely a lot more complicated. It also kind of looks like some sort of torture device, or maybe something you’d pick up at an S&M shop.


But putting aside the fact that it looks weird and kind of uncomfortable, does it work? I have no idea. The picture certainly makes it seem like it does but I have fallen for stellar marketing before. Still, as usual, I’m hopeful that it will solve all of my BBG problems with strapless bras. I am also hoping the folks at Faveo will find this blog and send me a free sample. If any of you have tried the Faveo Freedom, please drop us a line in the comments box and let us know what you think.

Forgetting the bra for a moment, I am excited that the Faveo website boasts about The World’s Biggest Breast Survey” they will be holding in the middle of October. We’re looking forward to participating.


via Jezebel


3 responses to “Strapless bras

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  2. Hi girls, I have found how it works (see the video above), but I haven’t heard anybody’s feedback yet.

    You have a great blog!


  3. Hey guys, nice blog. This story intrigued me so much, I went out and bought one to give it a try. Crazy though, after a few tries (it does require a certain ‘knack’) it did lift me and supported my 36DD’s. The shape was allright as well, as long as you put a top over it. I have to say, I’m impressed and would definitely recommend this to any BBG!

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