Nippleitis take two

Ok, so I think I was a little too confident in my last post about nippleitis. While I do like to use it to my advantage sometimes, yesterday reminded me that I don’t always love to be stared at.

For whatever reason, I had nippleitis pretty much all day yesterday. I went to the bathroom before a one-on-one meeting with a guy in my office whom I’m not attracted to and don’t feel the need to assert any power over.  I quickly realized that my nippleitis wasn’t going to go away and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. At that point, my nippleitis wasn’t sexy or flirty, it was just embarrassing. I didn’t want to be looked at as a sexual being, or even female. I just wanted to be a normal co-worker. Unfortunately, my breasts had their own agenda.

It was also embarrassing, (or maybe annoying is the better word), later that day when I caught one of the cleaning crew staff staring at my erect nipples and smiling. While I like to use my nippleitis to my advantage sometimes, I like to get to control it. When I can’t, I feel objectified and gross.



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