Use ’em if you’ve got ’em

DeeDee was over last night and we were talking about nippleitis. For those who don’t read us regularly, nippleitis is when, for whatever reason, a woman’s nipples are erect and visible through her clothes.

Most women will tell you that nippleitis is an embarrassing side effect of having breasts. I disagree. I think there is something really sexy about erect nipples. I also think nipple erections give us power over men, specifically when we are in professional environments. I like to gauge how men react to my big breasts in the office and I particularly enjoy making them choose whether to look at my breasts when my nipples are visible through my shirt or whether to look away. I like that I am forcing them to decide whether to act on a natural instinct, which I imagine would be to stare and enjoy, or a professional one, which would be to look me in the eyes only and treat me as a non-sexual being. I suspect that women of any breast side who dress provocatively in the workplace are working the same power play I am. I don’t do this often but once in a while it’s a lot of fun, especially because I tend to cover up my boobs in the office.



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