Are big boobs enough?

I saw two women today who were really unattractive but both had huge boobs.  When I think about men who enjoy big boobs, I imagine that they would all like a pretty face to go along with them but maybe I’m wrong.  Are gigantic boobs sometimes enough to satisfy men?  Even if they are attached to an ugly face?  DeeDee and I don’t have to ponder this too much because in addition to having big boobs, we are also both adorable.



5 responses to “Are big boobs enough?

  1. Yes, boobs mean nothing if they have an ugly face.
    I’d rather have a girl with a nice face and medium (b) boobs, then a girl with an ugly face and big boobs

  2. I think a large bust makes up for a lot. As long as she’s not terribly ugly, large breasts can go a long way. In terms of mere physical attraction, I’d be hardpressed between an average face with large breasts vs. an attractive face with medium or small breasts. But in either regard, her face has to at least be ok.

  3. yeah, large breasts alone don’t do it. I saw a woman today with huge (probably fake) breasts and she had the face of a ghoul. Completely disgusting.

  4. I have ended up in extended grope sessions with horrifically ugly women simply because they had fantastic breasts. I have never had a problem with having relationships with good looking girls, but good looking AND big breasted women always seemed to be elusive (they always seem to be taken – even the ones who walk with a limp!). That said, I have always had very good looking girlfriends, but none of them were more than a c-cup. On the other hand, I had a couple of spontaneous hookups with fellow students or co-workers who were D or DD. These girls didn’t really measure up in the looks department, but they had FANTASTIC bodies and spectacular boobs.

  5. I had a friend in the Navy who didn’t care how unattractive the face was as long as she had big breasts.
    Thinking back, I know he was being kind of a typical man/pig.
    I feel that each guy has to find the balance (boobs & beauty) that works best for him.
    It would be nice if we all thought a woman’s brain was her sexiest part, but not all of us think that way.

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