An “attractive breast”

Jezebel discusses an article about a plastic surgeon who has come up with the “perfect breast shape.” It’s pretty ridiculous although one of his findings includes the notion that an “attractive breast” is one where the nipple is “pointing slightly upward.” Maybe he read my earlier post about finding erect nipples sexy.


One response to “An “attractive breast”

  1. A pointed upwards nipple as the standard for attractive breasts is reeking of pretense. I hate fake tans and fake boobs along with that. I’ve always been fond of larger breasts. As a teenager, I’d be just as attracted to fake large breasts as natural large breasts. But now, in my late twenties that has changed. I absolutely loathe fake breasts. I love a natural look. I certainly prefer a large natural chest, but would way rather have a girl with a small natural chest than one with a large fake chest. But for me the attractive breast is a natural one.

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