Breast petals

My mom went to an event at Saks and because she knows I get excited about these kinds of things, she gave me her goodie bag. Judging by the loot, the event was likely sponsored by two of my favorite bra companies, Wacoal and Chantelle. In addition to the lingerie wash bags, compact mirrors, sexy underwear, and tiny sweet smelling pillows that are now cluttering my closet, I found six samples of “Breast Petals.” The company doesn’t have a website but they look like these.

I think the point of Breast Petals is to combat a common problem for women affectionately known as “nippleitis” — the side effect of either your body temperature or your level of sexual arousal that causes your nipples to be erect at moments when you wish they weren’t. I actually find that I enjoy when my nipples protrude through my shirt more than most women do but that’s for another post. . .

So back to Breast Petals. This product confounds me as I imagine it may for most big boobed gals. The packaging reads “sometimes you need just a tiny bit of coverage under your tee, sweater or outerwear. Breast Petals can be worn with or without your bra.” I never need “just a tiny bit of coverage” and I am rarely “without my bra.” This product reminds me that I really wish I knew what it was like to just get up in the morning, throw on a T-shirt, and be ready for the day, or what it’s like to shop for formal wear and not wonder how I am going to get my breasts to stay put in a strapless gown. I generally love that I have big boobs but I wish that just for a day I could see how the other half (or the other cup) lives.

I’m going to hang on to these Breast Petals. Maybe I’ll try them one day for fun and post about them here.



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