Freak show at the movies

I went to a movie last night and my date pointed out a woman with particularly large breasts across the aisle. I’d say she was about a G or so. She was standing in front of her seat wearing a black turtleneck with a jacket and a long skirt. By my estimation, she was not trying to look sexy or revealing. Still, my male date couldn’t help but notice her breasts. When he pointed them out, my reaction was, “you’re right, they’re huge.” Then I started to wonder whether someone else’s date ever made a comment like that about me. Sure I want to be noticed when I am wearing a tight shirt or a v-neck but what about when I’m trying to cover up? Do people still notice me as the one with the big boobs? I have a hard time figuring out how the world perceives my breasts. I still don’t know whether people think they are large but nothing special or whether they are seen as ridiculously big. I felt sad for this woman. Her entire body was covered up but she still looked like a freak show.



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