Do Sexy Bras Have a Purpose?

A few months ago, I spent over $100 on a Rigby and Peller bra. Believe it or not, I bought it at a discount. It’s beautiful. It’s pink and very demi, but unlike any other demi 34 DD bra, it looks sexy, but not obscene. It also gives me a surprising amount of lift. Basically, my boobs have never looked so good. You could take a look at a similar bra here.

The main problem with the bra is that it has a fair amount of detail and stitching and so it tends to show up underneath thin garments, including just an ordinary t-shirt. This makes it very difficult to wear, and although I suppose it is a good thing that I won’t wear it to shreds as I tend to do with my other favorite bras, I’d like to get some use out of it.

A few months after I bought the bra, I was entertaining a gentleman in my apartment. The whole thing was fairly unexpected and before we began to disrobe, I wound up sending him to the bodega on the corner to buy condoms and a toothbrush. At the time I was wearing a pretty boring bra, and I really wanted to put my $100 to good use, so I slipped on the R&P when he was gone. I assumed he would take off my shirt and grin approvingly at my perky tits, perhaps even making an appreciative comment.

Well, as to be expected, my bra came off about 15 seconds after my shirt did and it wound up on the floor in a pile of clothes. No grin, no comments. I suppose I could conclude that the bra did in fact “work” — it prompted him to unhook it immediately — but I guess I was hoping for more.

So, do sexy bras have a purpose?



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