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Christina Hendricks Sighting!

Okay, it’s been a while.  I’m not going to try to come up with an excuse, or even apologize.  Time to get down to business!

My best friend saw Christina Hendricks at an event in Manhattan!!!!

She ran up to her and told her that she loves the show and that her best friend (me) was inspired to buy a bar cart for her apartment based on her character (that’s true — I wanted to be a swingin’ stylish single gal who offers gentlemen a drink when they come over).  Christina thanked her and said she was very flattered in that cute, high-pitched, Joan tone.

My friend’s assessment?


But, the rest of her is quite small.  She thinks that her hips and ass were smaller in person on the show.  I think they may be padding her actually.


New boob use

I’ve always found my boobs attractive but I never thought they had a tremendous amount of utility.  Some other big breasted women think otherwise.

Check out what this one can do with hers:


It’s Summer!

A few, er, several, weeks ago (sorry for the delay), one of our best commenters asked what us BBGs did in preparation for warmer weather.

Well, that’s a fantastic question.   Summer is tough.  Until recently, bikinis were out.  Tank tops are also tough.  Either there isn’t enough fabric to cover my breasts, or the shoulder straps are too big, or the arm holes too wide and my bra shows through.  Oh, and some tank tops, the straps are oddly aligned and don’t cover the bra straps, which is just annoying.  Do larger bras have straps that angle out more or something?

And I can’t wear spaghetti straps obviously, because the bra strap will show.  Oh, and no, that “bra” inside some tank tops is not a viable option.

Halters? Not really feasible.

I guess I should look on the positive side.  There is always Malia Mills.  And American Apparel has some solid tank top options.  And, for a black tie affair, I have this nice strapless dress that I wore to 3D’s wedding and a solid strapless bra to go with it.

Boobs and Sex: Seventh Grade Boys Were On To Something

As all you readers know, I’m not a big fan of nipple licking, or really any nipple-focused action at all. But I’ve recently come to discover that I really enjoy just having my boobs held. I think I can lie down with my boyfriend’s hand up my shirt for hours and hours. He enjoys it too.

Who knew that something so old school could be so amazing?


Boobs and Sex: Focus on the Nipple

I’ve finally come to write about what I feel is a very important issue in the big-boobed community — the erogenousness of nipples.

Once, years ago, a guy was sucking my nipple and said, “you aren’t getting anything from this, are you?” I wasn’t. I never do. The only sensation I feel at all is mild pain. I admitted as such (minus the part about pain) and he said that he has found there to be an inverse relationship between the size of the breast and the amount of pleasure derived from having a nipple sucked. When I told him that I hadn’t realized that before, he pointedly asked, “well how many nipples have you licked?” I take it he had licked several.

Partially because he seemed to be an authority on such matters, I basically took it as fact. And, when 3D hosted a big boob bonanza a few years ago, if memory serves me correctly, five out of the six girls there said nipple sucking didn’t do much for them.

This is not to say that I don’t like to have my breasts touched, fondled, caressed, slammed against, etc., but the particular act of nipple sucking just doesn’t do anything for me. That, combined with the mild pain and the sheer awkwardness of just lying there while my partner sucks away, makes the whole thing affirmatively unpleasant.

I’d be curious to know what others (both people with nipples and people who suck nipples) think about all of this.


Dressing My Boobs

I’ve always admired those wrap-like jersey dresses women have been wearing for the past three or so years but I’ve never been able to make them fit.  My boobs just don’t fit in the space that’s meant for the boobs and my bra is completely exposed (like, completely).  A few weeks ago I saw one on sale for $20, and at 3D’s recommendation, I tried it on with camisole.  It wasn’t obscene and I figured that for $20, it was fine.

Unfortunately I wore it today and it just doesn’t look right.  You can’t see my bra or anything, but my breasts just don’t fit into their alloted space.  It stretches and pulls in all the wrong places.

Check out how my breasts get pulled to the side as the elastic band inches up:


This is very depressing.  These dresses always look so comfortable.  I hate having to miss out on fun fashion.

I guess as a consolation I could focus on the fact that I look good naked.


Creepy PSA ads

Sort of off topic for this blog but I saw this and thought I would mention it.

These are PSAs targeted at men who father children with underage girls. They photoshopped huge boobs onto the bodies of young girls to show that just because some girls may look like women, they are not, in fact, old enough to have a relationship with adults.


I much prefer seeing big boobs on actual women.  This is just creepy and gross.

Back into my boobs

For a while I wasn’t happy about my new boobs. For those of you who are new to this blog, I recently had a natural breast enhancement. No surgery required. I’m pregnant and the boob job took care of itself.

I wasn’t happy with my breasts at first. They were more than a handful (no pun intended) and required new bras and new concern that I was popping out of my regular tops and dresses.

Today however, I made peace with my extra large friends and I have to say, I’m kind of excited about them. While I always enjoyed having large boobs, I now have the kind of the porn star variety. Turns out, it can be a lot of fun. I’m enjoying admiring myself in the mirror again. I don’t know how long they’ll last but I’m looking forward to enjoying them as long as I’ve got them.

Another Oops at the Office

Bras, nipples, and cleavage at work seems to be a big topic in the big boobed community.  For example, 3D wrote about nippleitis a few months back in one of her very first posts.  In fact, she wrote about it twice.  I weighed in, with a slightly different view.  Nippleitis isn’t the only problem — sometimes we choose the wrong bra.

That happened to me today.  In my hurried state this morning, I accidentally put on a very lacy bra under a very thin shirt.  It actually occurred to me that maybe I was wearing the wrong bra, but I was too rushed to check myself out in the mirror.  I didn’t realize it until I went to the bathroom before lunch, after I had a long meeting with my coworkers.

Wardrobe malfunctions are hard at work, because we aren’t amongst strangers whom we will never see again, nor are we among our friends with whom we feel comfortable. Instead, the viewers are people we respect, or should respect, or who should ideally respect us.  And the bigger the boob, the more opportunities for malfunction.

I hope when I leave my job I won’t be known as the girl who always wore the wrong bra.


Bras, who really cares?

Sometimes I think it’s funny how much time and effort we put into finding the greatest bra. I mentioned my trip to the wizard a little while ago and I am loving my purchases. Every time I look in the mirror I think my breasts look just perfect, particularly the part that come up just over the top of the cup. They are well supported and sexy, a great combination.

But I realized today that men probably don’t really care at all how perfect I look in my bra, they just want me to take it off, right?  DeeDee talked about this in reference to sexy bras asking whether they have a purpose.  If they don’t, why do we spend so much money and effort on them?  I guess I’m just doing it for myself.  If no one else, at least I am enjoying the view.


N.Y. v. L.A.

Remember the contour bras and my befuddlement about them? Well, something else in the article caught my attention — the comments of a lingerie designer bemoaning the trend:

“My feeling is that these days, rather than someone like Janis Joplin being revered, idolized, it’s more about the shoe or the bag of the moment,” she said. “It’s about labels, names, branding. Everyone has their hair straightened, the perfect jeans, the right cellphone and accessories. It’s almost like New York is turning into L.A.; there is a lack of acceptance of natural self.” Though New York women do not appear to be embracing surgical implants with the same zeal as their sisters in the West … yet?

I lived in New York for ten years and periodically people would tell me that they couldn’t believe I was from Los Angeles and that I seemed “so” New York. I was always kind of insulted by that comment, thinking it was code for short, unruly dark hair, a little too neurotic, maybe a bit uptight, or really, just not that hot.

But maybe they were really just talking about my boobs.

Boobs and Sex: Some preliminary thoughts

This is first in what I hope will be a series of postings on boobs and sex.

I had sex on Saturday night. It was enjoyable for the obvious reasons, but one less-obvious perk was that it provided a wonderful research opportunity for this blog. This may be crazy, but, swear to god, I actually thought about this blog at one point during the evening. I mean, during the act of sex itself, I thought about blogging.

He was on top. His hands were on the bed on either side of me and his torso was pushed away from me, perhaps at a sixty degree angle or so. Anyway, because he was, you know, thrusting with gusto, and because his body was not pressed against mine, my boobs were bopping back and forth. I wouldn’t say it hurt or anything, but I felt myself becoming very self-conscious. (This was when I thought, “aha, blog time!”)

Now, I don’t know how much of my self-consciousness had to do with the fact that my breasts were moving about kind of awkwardly, and how much was really just a general discomfort with the intense intimacy of being stared at by my partner during sex. I met him only that night, which may have contributed to the awkwardness I felt. A million thoughts were running through my head:

Do all breasts move like that during sex, or only those that pass a certain size threshold? Is he enjoying the view? Is he specifically enjoying the view of large breasts dancing around? Why isn’t he making eye contact with me? Is it because he is enjoying the view? Okay, I’m going to look into his eyes. Is he in this position because it feels good or because he likes the way it looks? Am I thinking way too much about my breasts? Oh, that feels good. Do I actually like the fact that my boobs are jiggling? Why am I so weird? Should I blog about this? Wow, I’m crazy. Wow, he’s pretty hot. Oh, looks like I’m on top now.

Clearly, as I warned, it’s difficult to sort out the boob-specific thoughts from all of my other neuroses. However I do wonder if large-breasted women have common experiences in sex different from smaller-breasted women, and if their sex partners notice differences in having sex with small-boobed girls vs. large-boobed girls.


BBB Field trip: I’m off to see the Wizard

I took a road trip today to do some research for your reading pleasure. I ended up somewhere over the mountains, way up high; my destination was a store I had heard of once in a lullaby. OK, I didn’t exactly hear about it in a lullaby but the place is called “The Wizard of Bras” so I thought I might try to play with as many puns as possible. But before I talk about my trip, it’s time I came clean about something.

I was off to see the Wizard for more than just research. It’s time for me to buy new bras because I’ve had a problem in the past couple of weeks. My boobs have been growing at an alarming rate in a way they never have before. I wish I could say that this was due to some magical pill I had invented or because those “I must, I must, I must increase my bust” exercises I did in the sixth grade finally paid off but the truth is: this half of the Big Boob Blog is pregnant. And, as a result, I’ve been popping out of almost every bra I own from expensive to cheap. I’m three months in and it’s time for me to get a handle on all of this extra boobage.

So, back to my wizardly experience. I knew I could not handle my new situation on my own and I’d heard those who go to see the Wizard leave with something more useful than a heart or a brain or courage: the elusive perfect fitting bra. So, I followed the yellow brick road across several miles and freeways until I found Oz. When I got there I was sort of disappointed; I was expecting the Emerald City and what I found was a hole in the wall on the side of the highway that sold everything from bras to feather boas to crotchless panties to a game called “Pin the Macho on the Male.” Oz was a little trashier than I thought. Still, their website said they carried some of my favorites like Fantasie of England and Wacoal so I figured I’d stick around.

Just like in the movie, there was a long wait to see the Wizard. I had to fill out a form with my needs and was told it would be 30-60 minutes before I would be served. Perhaps this is a tactic to weed out those not strong enough to face the Wizard? It didn’t matter to me. I write a blog about boobs and I have a reputation to protect so I wasn’t going anywhere.

When my name and number were finally called, the Wizard, (who turned out to be a petite blonde named Holly) escorted me into the back and got down to work with a tape measure. I explained that I had been fitted many times and that I wear a 38DDD but I knew I had grown a little bit. As it turns out, that would be the understatement of the year.

When the Wizard was through measuring and sizing me up with her eyes, she made her ruling. “I’m going to have you start by trying a 38G” she explained. That’s right, you read that correctly. A 38G. G as in girl. G as in grandiose. G as in GOOD GOD how did I ever GET so big? I remember my shock and horror when I moved up from a DD to a DDD for the first time. I enjoy having big boobs but I never wanted them freakishly big. This news was almost too much to take. . .and then the Wizard hit me with the kicker: “in the next few weeks and months, you’re only going to get bigger and bigger.”

I don’t know what I was expecting when I went in there but not this. After a few moments of shock, I gathered my thoughts and emotions and held my head (and boobs) high. OK, I said. I’ll try anything you’ve got. The Wizard disappeared and returned with a 38H. H as in the letter that comes after G. Why were the letters going up? Had I grown a cup size while she was picking out bras behind the curtain? The Wizard explained that she wanted to put me in something with room to grow. Fortunately, I was swimming in the H and we agreed it wasn’t necessary. . .yet.

I tried on a bunch of other suitors, many of which made me way too pointy. I told the Wizard I wanted more of a molded and less of a Madonna fit. Some of the next few were pretty but just too lacy. I was beginning to give up hope. Then, another woman behind the curtain emerged with the winner. Much to my surprise, it was a bra I blogged about just a few weeks ago: the Fantasie Smoothing Balcony bra. Only this time instead of a DDD or and E, I took home two in a 38G. If I couldn’t have my normal size, at least I could have an old friend by my side who was ready to take on my ever-expanding chest. As an added bonus, I also picked up an awesome black sports bra made by Anita.

When it was all over, I decided me and my boobs needed a nap. I woke up to find that my day wasn’t a dream at all and I now have not only a heart, brain, and courage, but the support I need to get though the next six months in style and comfort. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and my sizing. And even though I just cleaned out my bra drawer to make room for my new purchases, I’m keeping my name (3D) for now. There’s only so much change one boob blogger can take in a day. I may not be in Kansas anymore but I am just not ready to admit I’m in G-town yet.




Another trend passes me by

3D sent me this article from the New York Observer. (How 3D finds these things, I do not know).

Apparently, a spectre is haunting New York — the spectre of Countour Bras:

. . . Increasingly, the ladies of this town have been sporting remarkably similar pairs of perfect, pert globes: rounder, higher and larger than ever before. There has been an absence of breast individuality such as lace, seams, overflow, jiggle, signs of gravitational pull and, most notably, nipple.

The flawless orbs that have been parading around the city are achieved by strapping on a “lined,” “T-shirt,” or “contour” bra. These are marketing terms for what is essentially a modern padded bra. This is not the quilted number of years past, but rather a smooth, immaculate device with foam-infused breast cups.

I seriously have no idea what they’re talking about. At all.

I can’t even picture what this bra looks like although, according to the article, 90-95 percent of bras for sale at Victoria’s Secret are t-shirt bras. (I stopped shopping at Victoria’s Secret in the tenth grade. They run too small). Unsurprisingly, it has never crossed my mind to wear a padded bra, or any bra that involves foam.

Clearly I am out of step with the zeitgest, considering that I have been celebrating what I thought was the increased availability of lacy, sexy bras for big boobed gals. Boy did I call that one wrong.

And is an aversion to “jiggle” or “overflow” a new thing? Or is it new for everyone but me? This article was confounding on so many levels . . .

The bras, much to the chagrin of men interviewed for the article, have the effect of making women’s breasts look bigger:

“I’ve been disappointed when I’ve taken one of those bras off,” said Christian, a 45-year-old artist-photographer who declared himself “passionate” about the subject. He went on: “I’ve had to try and hide my look of surprise. It’s not a deal breaker or anything, but the shape, the size, is many times different than one might have anticipated.”

Again, men generally are not dismayed that my boobs seem more modestly sized bare than when clothed.

Do I operate in a whole other universe?!?!


Another article about a big boobed gal finding her way.

I feel like I have read this article 100 times before. Or maybe it’s that I know a hundred girls like this one. Or maybe I feel connected to this article because I used to be this girl.

In a nutshell, the author has big boobs, isn’t so happy with them, and then goes and gets fitted for her correct bra size all the while agonizing over her size and lack of comfort with them. By the end of the story, she is still unsure of herself (but much better supported!), she won’t even reveal her bra size, and of course there is no picture to accompany the piece.

When I was in her position (I even went to Town Shop and Orchard Corset like she did), getting fitted for the right bras immediately raised my confidence level in my breasts, completely changing the way I felt about them. I hope that’s the epilogue to this story as well.



One thing I like about my breasts is that they are undeniably large.  Whether I am big-boobed or not isn’t really up for debate.  I am.

A few weeks ago I was with a guy friend at a bar and we mused at how the bartender wasn’t paying attention to us.  I joked that one would think that my breasts would attract the attention of bartenders, but in fact they rarely do.  The guy was genuinely surprised that my boobs don’t have much of an effect on male bartenders.

To be honest, I don’t really know if that’s true or not and actually, I don’t really think that bartenders ignore me any more than the next person.  I think I just wanted to call his attention to my breasts because I was hoping to hook up with him that night.  (We didn’t.  And yes, I realize that this is a bizarre way of flirting, and that if anything, I probably should have told him that my boobs DO work to my advantage, but the two of us have somewhat of a complicated dynamic that is not worth going into and whatever, that’s the path I took).   The point is, I knew this was a relatively safe comment to make because, as I said, my breasts are undeniably large.  It’s not like I’m a 34C, bragging about my huge tits.   A 34DD is big enough to joke about without sounding like I’m overreaching.

What’s even better, I’m not freakishly large.  No one points and stares and thankfully, I don’t have back problems.  And, as soon as I discovered the secret of wearing two sports bras while running, my breasts have never given me any significant physical discomfort.  I can’t do jumping jacks though, but really, who the hell cares?

So basically, I think I’m the perfect size.


Something to look forward to

I just set my Tivo to record “My Big Breasts and Me” on the BBC.  It airs December 23 and might be a perfect way for this curvy jew to spend Christmas Eve on the 24th.

I’m curious, but I wonder if there is anything to be said about big breasts that hasn’t been said by either 3D or me to one another . . .


The Everything Guide to Bras

I love New York magazine. I still have a subscription even though I left New York two years ago. It has the best features of any magazine I read and this week I was delighted to see that New York is now reading my mind.

I am thrilled to share with you “The Everything Guide to Bras” in 5 parts:

“The mechanics” and “how to increase the shelf life” sections are the most helpful in the piece. But, if you do live in NY, you’ll like following the big boobed author around the best bra shops in NY in her search for the right fit.


How can I be like Christina Hendricks?

I was actually going to sign on to write about Christina Hendricks, but I got to my computer and saw that 3D had already gotten the ball rolling.

In addition to wearing sexier bras, I’ve decided recently that I also want to start wearing lower cut shirts and dresses, but I’m having a hard time figuring out the best way to do it. Every time I wear something low-cut, my bra shows.  I did mention earlier that I have a great strapless bra, but it is very wire-y, and anyway, I think it provides too much coverage for a plunging neckline.  Maybe she uses a Faveo Freedom?

I once tried on that tape you can place under your boobs in a no-bra situation, but I had a really hard time getting it to work. Of course, Christina probably has a wardrobe assistant to make sure that her boobs are not only buoyant, but symmetrical.

I also have a very low-cut bra that provides a decent amount of support, but it has straps and wouldn’t work under her dress. (And it has this weird padding. I once wore it on a date (big mistake)).

Hmm, upon staring at her again, I realize that it’s possible that her breasts are just so enormous, that there is actually a lot more breast underneath her dress that is shielded from view — breast-mass that is being held up by a traditional strapless bra, that is.

Anyway, I’ll keep trying different dresses and bras and let you all know as soon as I find a sexy look that works.


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